Gillette Razor Packaging. Shopper-insighted and improved.

In my last article, you may remember I promised to show you a better design for Gillette’s Pro-Glide Razor packaging. You may also remember that I found a lot of problems with all of the packaging in the category which ended in frustration in the shop, and disappointment after unpacking it at home.

I’m interested in helping clients develop packaging that is a commercially optimised. I believe in this instance that if the team responsible for this packaging had gone on a similar shopping trip as I had, and I always do beforehand, they might have arrived at the same conclusion, and achieved better.

Complete End to End Appraisal

To summarise.

1) We found the packaging graphics designed to grab the shopper’s attention, prevented the shopper from appraising the full product.

2) We couldn’t see if spare razors were included, because of the recycled formed board had no window. Neither was it obvious from the copy there were no spare blades.

Current Gillette Proglide Packaging

In the process of improving the design I started to understand why. Simply, P&G’s intention was to highlight the ‘power on/off’ button associated turning on/off the vibrating razor. Nice, but I wanted to see the razor head design, as is a fundamental requirement of a safety razor. The problem is that the on/off button appears on the wrong side of the razor handle. It should appear so that both the button and the razor head can be viewed together.

Additionally, spare razors, could easily be incorporated to be visible from the front. If not, then excuse my Japanese here, but the written copy isn’t very obvious. More prominence of it would have been the simplest solution.

Here’s the new design..

Gillette ProGlide Improved

The design omits some of the feature illustrations, allowing the full product to be celebrated and appraised. The ‘power button’ is now further highlighted by a star-flash on the clear plastic cover. The button appears the same side as the bladed razor head. The blue/yellow card insert is cut away to reveal the plastic case (we’ve featured it with spare blades)

We believe the design is far more honest, more effective in merchandising the product in it’s packaging and we haven’t destroyed the original idea. We’ve just applied a little more thinking to the design with some insights garnered from a store trip.


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